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                  Brighter Living

                  Mangalyaan: Godrej Aerospace's Journey to Mars

                  Leading The Way

                  From being an Area Sales Manager in the interiors of Bengal, to leading Marketing for our iconic consumer brands, I have had quite a career at Godrej! The welcoming and open work environment at GCPL has helped me achieve a lot, and I look forward to many more milestones in the future.

                  Somasree Bose
                  Leads Marketing of Cinthol, aer & Protekt

                  At Godrej Interio, we put in a lot of effort in understanding the consumer’s life. This makes sure every piece of Godrej Interio furniture is thoughtfully designed. To us, a consumer is not just a buyer of furniture but is our inspiration to design products that look great and make daily living easier.

                  Anil Mathur
                  Leads Business for Godrej Interio

                  From turning the new health and wellness Protekt range into a family of superheroes to sprinkling a bit of masala over the BBLUNT communications, my role is just about as varied as it gets. And so the adventure continues!

                  Tom Dawes
                  Creative Director, Marketing at
                  Godrej Consumer Products

                  Today, every employee needs to be the brand custodian. Across functions and roles, we need to share a common understanding of brand Godrej and then proceed to bring it alive in our work. That is the Godrej experience we provide to our consumers.

                  Swati Raathi
                  Leads Marketing at Godrej Appliances


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